1. Definitions

  • Product – The digital date belongs to Maxtree that sell or free share on Maxtree.org or partner’s website
  • Client – Person or Company who bought Maxtree’s products
  • Free stuff – The digital date free share on Maxtree.org for user.
  • User – The person who accessing the www.maxtree.org to utilise service.
  • Service – Free stuffs, Tutorials, Products, Supports from Maxtree.org

2. Registration

  • You need to register with the site to place an order for Products, you will be required to provide us with certain information including certain personal and payment/billing details so that we can process your order.
  • Once you finished register that means you agree with our licence agreement, become a registration user.

3. Payment and delivery

  • All order will be processed by Paypal, Credit card or Credits point .
  • Each product had a download expiry limited up to 10 times, If you want re-download product over 10 times, please contact us.
  • All products download link will send via E-mail, you can also accessing “downloads” section under “MY ACCOUNT” page on Maxtree.org

4. Refund Privacy

  • Purchased products are non-refundable unless specifically stated, e.g. You can’t use our product under specific software / plugin environment also we can’t solve this.

5. Licence agreement

  • Once client confirmed payment, client agree with the following agreement.
  • Client have a limited license, follow the points listed below.
  • Client can use Maxtree products in personal or company projects without any limit.
  • For the company, there must be at least have one license.
  • Client can not resale, pass on, exchange, any part or whole Maxtree product.
  • Client can not make other personal or company to use Maxtree product by rental, lease, transfer, sub-license or any other method.
  • All products can not be used for something against the law(e.g. pornographic, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, infringing, immoral).

6. Copyright

  • Maxtree Products are protected by copyright laws and treaties. You agree that no title to the intellectual property of Maxtree Product, the title and full ownership rights to the product will remain belongs to Maxtree.

7. Amendment

  • Maxtree reserves the right to change this agreement, the change will post on this page.

LAST UPDATE: March 22, 2018