1. Add to Forest pack pro library

1.1 Open Forest pack pro library.
Note: You can’t add new library when create Forest object, you need access library from “Modify” panel after this Forest object has been created.

1.2 Select File>Preferences

1.3 Click Add button, then assign to “MT_PM_V(X)_ Forest_Pack_Mesh_Corona (Vray)” folder under this volume of product, this folder contain a file named ““, and set Label as Maxtree(or any others category) , then click “Use Path” button.

1.4 After add path then click OK to confirm and close Preferences window. you will see the library shows in Forest pack pro library

1.5 You can click “Using” drop-down list check supported renderer

1.6 To automatically link maps, you need add MT_PM_V(X)_Maps folder into Customize->Configure User Paths->External Files

2.GrowFX origin files.

2.1 With GrowFX origin files, you can easily create new shape of plants by set new “seed”. Or change shape as you needed.

2.2 Create wind and grow animate of plants easily.

2.3 React or Cut out with objects in scene, you can created the shape just fit your scene.

2.4 More features please visit

The texture path is set to a relative path, so texture will missing by default , you can relink textures form “Edit” menu, “Edit > Preferences > Files > Asset Paths”, add MT_PM_V(X)_Maps folder to Path. Or from “Window” menu, “Window > Texture Manager”.

FBX Format can not contains all textures, but we offer the full texture map of our products, after import FBX models to your software, you can reassign maps by yourself.

FBX format user can update to any software’s format If we supported this software. Once updated, you will no longer change your format.

Some scene file may contains textures from:

For other questions, please contact (English) (中文)